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Gee Gee COLLECTIVE | Groom-Tastic Brush Kit

Gee Gee COLLECTIVE | Groom-Tastic Brush Kit

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Tired of struggling with a dull and messy coat? Our Groom-Tastic grooming kit is your answer for effortless brushing for a healthy coat. Made of the most beautiful, natural and sustainable materials. 

With our 5-piece set, you will have everything you need to transform your horses' coat into a show stopping masterpiece. 

The Copper Therapy Brush uses its dense copper bristles to bring up dead skin and hair trapped close under the surface. It also stimulates blood flow and natural oil production. 

The Scruff Brush contains 100% natural bristles from the argave plant. Its long flexible bristles go to work removing dead hair and debris from the surface. 

The Dusty Brush is a flexible natural bristle with an ergonomic shaped handle. It's curved design fits nicely in your hand and allow you to use the bristle in a dusty motion to remove fine particles from the coat. 

The Ultra Deshedding Tool safely reaches through the fresh topcoat to easily remove loose undercoat without causing damage. Its micro teeth are safe to use and glide effortlessly through the coat. 

The Mane and Tail Brush achieve a silky-smooth mane and tail with our metal pin brush. Made from durable beechwood timber this brush fits neatly in your hand. With a wide circular head, it makes brushing a breeze. 

This kit is beautifully packaged in a bespoke canvas tote bag. 

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