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GeeGee COLLECTIVE | Champion Brush Kit

GeeGee COLLECTIVE | Champion Brush Kit

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Get the grooming kit that will make you horse look like a champion in the showring? Our Champion grooming kit has all the answers for effortless brushing and a show ring glow. Made of the most beautiful, natural and sustainable materials. 

The following brushes are included in this set; 

The Copper Therapy Brush uses its dense copper bristles to bring up dead skin and hair trapped close under the surface. It also stimulates blood flow and natural oil production. 

The Softie Brush contains 100% natural bristles from ethically sourced horse hair and goat hair. Its anti static bristles make removing dust and fine particles a breeze. The coat hair centre provides a buffing and smoothing effect leaving a lovely shiny finish. 

The Scruff Brush has the strongest bristles in our range. Made sustainably from the argave plant you know you are providing your horse with a natural and plastic free grooming brush.  The Scruff Brush is highly effective at removing mud, and loose hair from thick coated horses. 

The Supreme Brush is the perfect all rounder. It's dense horse hair bristles push dirt and loose hair to the surface making it easy to remove. It's dense flat surface also make it the brush of choice for show stopping quarter markers. 

The Dazzle Brush achieve is a unique grooming tool that comprises of two high quality components specifically made for promoting shine. The Dazzle Brush uses an out edge of horse air to sweep fine particles towards the centre where it is then captured by the merino wool insert. The Dazzle Brush can also be used to distribute coat shine products across the rump and face. 

This kit is beautifully packaged in a bespoke canvas tote bag. 

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