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GeeGee COLLECTIVE | Coat Shifting Trio

GeeGee COLLECTIVE | Coat Shifting Trio

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Say goodbye to that fluff! It's time to revitalise your horses neglected coat and give it back that shine that you always wanted. 

GeeGee COLLECTIVE are an exclusive artisan grooming brand with a focus on natural plastic free professional tools.  

This trio contains; 


The Ultra Deshedding Tool safely reaches through the fresh topcoat to easily remove loose undercoat without causing damage. Its micro teeth are safe to use and glide effortlessly through the coat. 


The Scruff Brush contains 100% natural bristles from the argave plant. Its long flexible bristles go to work removing dead hair and debris from the surface. It's thick dense bristles sweep up the dead hair from the coat by trapping it within the tips of the bristles. 


The Copper Therapy Brush uses its dense copper bristles to bring up dead skin and hair trapped close under the surface. The copper bristles stimulate blood flow and natural oil production for optimum coat health. 

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