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GeeGee COLLECTIVE | Luxury Brush Kit

GeeGee COLLECTIVE | Luxury Brush Kit

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Luxury Equine Grooming Kit

Get ready to buff those coats ahead of every ride. We've developed an equine grooming brush kit to meet the everyday demands of riders and their equine partners. The luxury grooming kit is focused on developing healthy and glossy coats from the hair roots right through to the outer coat. 


The Copper Therapy Brush uses its dense copper bristles to bring up dead skin and hair trapped close under the surface. It also stimulates blood flow and natural oil production. 

The Scruff Brush contains 100% natural bristles from the argave plant. Its long flexible bristles go to work removing dead hair and debris from the surface. This is a robust and effective brush. 

The Supreme Brush is a natural bristle brush that is considered to be the 'allrounder brush'. The Supreme Brush has dense short bristles to provide a large surface area for grooming your horse. It's compact bristle smooths and the coat will capturing any dead or lose hair. It's curved design fits nicely in your hand and allow you to use the bristle in a dusty motion to remove fine particles from the coat. 

The Softie Brush comprises of a horse hair outer and natural wool bristle centre. Designed specifically for achieving that smooth show ready shine. The wool centre smooths the topcoat while attracting small dust particles into the wool.  

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